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Mesh World Collection

Mesh Shelf is the latest work in the Mesh Collection.

Mesh Shelf explores more possibilities in the complexed form of stainless steel mesh. There are no structural components such as "hardware" in the whole work, and only nylon cable ties are used to sew the mesh, making the overall shape more stable, light, and visually transparent. The whole work was completed manually by the creator for 6 months. Each piece of metal mesh was cut, bent, and fixed by hand. In the process of creation, the creator needs to keep thinking about the shape all the time, and often needs to stop to re-conceive or overthrow the previous assumption to find another answer. The decision of each piece of metal mesh affects the expression of the entire work and the final form. It was a process-oriented creative process, the initial sketches and models guide a vague direction, and "the final answer emerges in the process".

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