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Every material exploration is a unique journey for me. I enjoy the moment when I listen to them and play with them. Then when I look at the piece I have, I find myself inside.


"...this stone is a stone, it is also animal, it is also god, it is also Buddha, I do not venerate and love it because it could turn into this or that, but rather because it is already and always everything…this is why I love it and see worth and purpose in each of its veins and cavities, in the yellow, in the grey, in the hardness, in the sound it makes when I knock at it, in the dryness or wetness of its surface."

Siddhartha, Hermann Hesse


"Maybe just talk to these materials and explore their stories" I think. Then I try to observe the materials themselves, watch and listen to them like an innocent child. I ask them, "Hey, what's your story today?" And later I find everything has connections with others, then I begin to become addictive in discovering relationships between different materials. "Hey, do you like your new friends?". Well, sometimes they do, while sometimes they hate each other.

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