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As Love is Passed on

Catcher, 1600 mm x 1500 mm x 2300mm

Pitcher,1150mm x 1000mm x 2400mm


"As Love is Passed On" consists of two sculptural works, "Catcher" and "Pitcher." The pieces depict a narrative of personal breakthrough and growth, addressing the frames of right and wrong that are taught, critiqued, and sometimes confining. They illustrate the journey of breaking through mental confusions to courageously give and receive love and strength.


In the early stages of consciousness development, the notions of "right" and "wrong" that we are taught shape our initial worldview. As we grow, breaking away from these rigid absolutes and approaching the world with a more gentle and inclusive mindset, we truly begin to communicate with the world. During this phase, as we try to express our true selves, we might display certain "thorns"; perhaps we experience the sharp contrast between "what you say" and "what I say" in our interactions. However, these "thorns" also signify the unique and shining traits of an individual; differences add depth and color to relationships. By actively and bravely connecting with the outside world and throwing out our signals of self-love, we encounter unexpected surprises. Genuine and warm love flows back and forth in this exchange, warming everyone involved.

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