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The Hole

500mm x 300mm x 600mm

Mirror, metal fence


The latest installment in The Mesh World series, The Hole, delves into the human experience of confronting another "replicated" world. The mirror serves as the gateway to this world. As we approach this gateway and catch a glimpse of another world's corner, does a tremor of apprehension flicker within us? Is this world merely a manifestation of our own reality, or does it conceal an entirely different realm? And when we stand before it, beholding another "self" in the mirror, the most familiar figure, why do we occasionally sense a tinge of unfamiliarity and unease? Are "I" and the "I" I see one and the same? Which one is the true self? Do I maintain a "safe distance" from my true self? When witnessing that imprisoned "self" within the mirror, do the inner sensations lean towards safety or towards clandestine panic? These inquiries, upon closer inspection of this artwork, may yield answers unique to the observer.

The "Mesh World Series" is an experimental project that starts from exploring furniture materials and crafting techniques. In this project, stainless steel mesh serves as both the medium of creation and the source of all design. The mesh is cut like "fabric" and "paper," using its inherent structure to provide basic strength and stability. Interdisciplinary techniques, such as garment draping, are then employed to shape the overall form and reinforce the structure.


As the project progressed, stainless steel mesh evolved from the "objective of exploration" to the "starting point of exploration," transitioning from a subject of study to a medium and vessel for expressing themes. In Mesh World, questions can be posed, pondered, and discussed, and objects can transcend the organic and inorganic to possess independent emotions and thoughts. Mesh World has gradually become a reflection of the creator's understanding and contemplation of the world, turning into an endless world awaiting exploration...

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