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What is the reason for throwing away a chair? The style does not fit in the room anymore? Or the upholstery is broken? The idea of the Dress Your Chair project is to design a series of upholstery works for a single common chair, like the IKEA ADDE Chair, which is accessible and easy to assemble. The upholstery can be put on and taken off as easily as apparel for humans. During the process of changing apparel for our furniture, we build closer relationships with the things we already have.


Spring Dress

Inspired by the fashion industry seasons, the Dress Your Chair upholstery series includes three seasonal clothes for the IKEA ADDE chair. The spring dress is inspired by blooming flowers in spring. This piece adds a romantic feeling to the chair and space.

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Autumn Jumpsuit

For the autumn jumpsuit, with the classic houndstooth pattern fabric, the suit gives the chair and space an elegant formal look.


Winter Teddy Coat

For winter, the Teddy coat designed for the chair provides a cozy and comfortable seating experience.

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