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In this project, I tried to use tufting as a tool to help me 'paint' a story on a metal frame. A story about the snow in my memory. I was born and grew up in the northern part of China. In winter, it would be minus 30 degrees Celsius, and the whole world was covered with snow.  It sounds cold. However, in my memory, the snow is warm and soft. This feeling comes from the moment I stay in a warm house with my family, from the joy I feel when I play snowball fight with my friends, and from a tasty hot soup my grandma often cooked on a snowy day.

With this feeling, I tried to describe the scene of snow in my mind then applied it to this tufting work. In my memory, after the heavy snowfall, the bare branches seemed to bloom thousands of snow-white flowers. Some branches have formed tree hangings, narrowing the distance between the tree and the ground. When viewed from afar, the exposed branches turned into simple lines, outlining the landscape. When walking closer, near the trunk, I can see each snowflake's shape, which is the most delicate petal in nature.

Final Works


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